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Thursday July 26, 2018 at 3:05pm Age: 327 days
Category: Middle School, District, Intermediate, High School


Whether they’re seeking to improve their skills in a favorite instrument, add another or pick one up for the first time, this five-week instrumental music program for grades 5-12 meets students at their ability level. Incoming fifth graders can also get a head start on their instruments of choice, before joining the band program in the fall.

Students are grouped by instrument and experience for a weekly 40-minute lesson. Offered in the middle school music suite, instructors are music, band and chorus teachers from the middle and intermediate schools.   

Waiting for their flute lesson with instructor Laura Hulle were seventh-grade friends Nuoyan Li and Erica Yu. “I’m switching from the clarinet to the flute and want to get better at it,” said Nuoyan. “I play the piano but I like the sound of the flute and want to learn it too,” said Erica. Both students have a passion for other art forms: drawing and dancing for Nuoyan, literature and writing for Erica.

“This is a student-driven curriculum,” said Andrew Hulle, fifth grade band teacher at the intermediate school. “We ask students what music they want to get to know better, and we shift our focus accordingly.”

After each lesson, instructors meet briefly with the parents to report on the students’ performance and make recommendations for practicing at home.

“This is a great way to get students to continue playing over the summer and to give them something  more personal to work on,” Mr. Hulle added.